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C. Frederick Bowser, F.D., Supervisor
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In order to keep the wishes of the deceased and to service the needs of the family our funeral home offers a rental casket which can be used with direct cremation.  The rental casket is made of solid oak and lined with beautiful crepe material. It has the look of eloquence, is inexpensive and is the perfect choice to satisfy the request of the deceased while servicing the needs of the family.  This casket, made for cremation, will enhance the memory of the deceased in a dignified and affordable manner. 

By using the rental casket, family members have many choices and options available to them.

  • The deceased will be identified in a dignified manner.
  • It allows time for all family members to gather at the funeral home, share memories and say their goodbyes.
  • This special time together starts the healing process and at the same time satifies their desire to homor and commemorate their loved one.
  • Decisions such as private or public visitation or funeral service can be made by all family members; keepinf in mind that a funeral of the deceased but for the living.
  • Military honors, video tributes, dove release, bagpipes and many more options are available. 

 Please call or email us with any questions you might have.  We are available to assist you at any hour, seven days a week. 

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